Monday, 16 December 2013

Cruising - Cozumel and creatures

I actually have no photographs from Cozumel. It rained much of the time that we were there and although we got off the boat and walked along the sea front, it was all tourist shops and not of much interest to us. After returning to the ship for lunch we went back onto shore and found a large supermarket where we bought some products that I haven't found at home and that we had grown to love when we were in Merida: salsa verde and mole sauce.
So, in order to have some pictures in this post I will put some of the various creatures we saw on our travels.
Hard to tell but this is a frigate bird. There were lots of them around both in the ports and soaring around
the ship when we were out at sea. I tried on numerous occasions to get close up shots  but no success.
Cute little guy. No idea what he is.
Another frigate bird, still not a great shot.
One of the things that I love about the ocean is the life around the edge, in the tidal pools.
Pelican on a "fly by".
One of the many pictures of Iguana from all the islands. This one from Aruba
where we walked through a huge colony of them. This one had the most
dramatic colouring.
Somehow they seem to look very wise and refined. Until they scamper and you can't
really scamper in a wise and refined manner.
In Aruba. I think he is some kind of Jay. He was making a real meal out
of that cactus fruit.
What I don't have pictures of is the flock of Boobies (yes there is a bird called a Booby) that soared and fished around the ship when we were way out to sea. They spend most of their lives at sea and I had never seen one before so a flock was quite thrilling.
Also I saw 3 dolphins jumping across the bow wave. I love dolphins and was disappointed that no-one was up at the bow to share that experience with me. (or to add validity to the story - does a dolphin jump in the ocean if there is only one person to see it?)

We had another day at sea and then docked in Tampa and flew back to Boston. We really enjoyed our first cruise. It was a good compromise as George loves to have lots of people around, activities to do and socialising and I like to be able to sit in the sun and read, eat nice meals and not to have to lift a finger. We saw islands that we would have otherwise not seen and said that we would like to spend more time on Barbados and Curacao.

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