Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Rug Hooking School of Trent

Trent Rug Hooking School is an institution in the Ontario Hooking world. It has been in existence for years and has a reputation for fun and frivolity as well as learning. The original organizers retired and this year it is being run by a friend and fellow J.J. Rugger, Cindy. She has changed the name to Rug Hooking School of Trent and I went for the first time this year.

Flash back to Saugeen Maitland, UWO. This was my room and I shared a bathroom with Dominique, who I drove up with.
Nicer view than I had when I was at Western.
Trent University is a very green campus, right on the river. Our accommodation, meals and my class were all in that yellow building. Peter Gzowski Hall.
I was registered in the Open Class, teacher Jayne Nevins, and I took this McGown pattern as I need to hand in a piece, for my accreditation, with finger shading, and I thought this would be an opportunity to get a McGown teachers viewpoint.
2 hours on Friday evening and 3 on Saturday morning and I had finished one grape leaf to my, and Jayne's, satisfaction.
Another 2 hours Saturday afternoon and about an hour on Sunday morning and I had completed the second grape leaf, some background and ripped out the plum and started again with a different swatch. I also changed my mind and went for a dark rather than light background. It doesn't look like much but I was very satisfied as it was much easier to do in dedicated class time with a teacher than it would have been at home.

Four of us in the class were members of J.J. Ruggers. To my left was Gail Christmas working on her Kookaburra.
She had completed the head beautifully and was now working on the wing feathers.
On my other side was Cheryl Krug-Wiltse working form 2 photographs she had taken of the Paris railway bridge. The piece is for the 50th Anniversary display for J.J. Ruggers.
On the other side of Cheryl was Sue Jones, also working from a photograph. This one was of her husbands family cottage and she was using sepia colours to replicate the old photo. She had done an amazing job of hooking the people.
There were a number of other classes being held and we would all get together at meal times to compare notes. Meals were cafeteria, University,  food, so on Saturday night 4 of us went out to dinner in Peterborough. There were also draws for hooking items, a shop to buy hooking supplies, wine and cheese, and on Sunday afternoon a presentation by Kay LeFevre

Kay is self taught and works predominately in yarns.
Her work is amazing and she bought a lot of it with her for us to see.
Depending on the effect she want to get she also uses faux fur yarn, beads,
crystals and iridescent paint.
Truly works of art, I found them both inspirational
and intimidating.
Home on Sunday night and the moon on the water restored my equilibrium.
As did a walk on the beach with Brit, on Monday, when we found this painted turtle baking in the sand and we moved her up the beach out of harms way.

Cat on a Pouf. He was glad to have me home.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

End of Edmonton trip and rug hookers weekend

During the second week in Edmonton the wind came from the North and bought the smoke from the forest fires. This photo was taken at 11am. A very dark, slightly yellow sky and the air smelled of smoke.
By 3pm it had settled like a fog on the city and you could taste the wood smoke in the air. We closed all the windows and ran the air conditioning. Avery's soccer game was cancelled and we just holed up in the house for 2 days. Then the wind shifted and everything was normal again.

On my last night we had dinner at Match, the restaurant that Mike manages.
It was good food, we watched the Raptors on multiple screens and the kids feel perfectly at home there, spoiled by all the waitresses.
This last weekend was the annual spring rug hooking weekend. Peggy wasn't able to make it but Pat, Pam, Britt, Sue, Heather and Lynn all did.

Lynn, Heather and Britt were there on Friday. We are so bad at selfies! The others arrived on Saturday.

I discovered that my camera has a "sunset" setting. This is what it took.
This is what it actually looked like.
Britt was working on a set of comic book words for her son,
a water and sky scene
and knitting socks.
Pam was knitting sheep, once she managed to get the pattern to download (it was touch and go - lots of touching and not much go)
Sue was working on her 50th Anniversary piece, a stained glass window
from the Royal Hotel in Paris, which has now been demolished to make room for condos.
Heather was making mug mats for Christmas in Paris. Pat was knitting a delicate scarf and Lynn was hooking a geometric. I didn't get pictures of either.
They gave me a studio sign which I have since hung over the chair where I usually hook.
I worked on a piece that I just designed for the Sheep Tricks workshop I am teaching in September. Tentative title is Rug Hookers Daydream.
Pat had been doing some spring cleaning of her hooking stash and, among other things, bought down some of Nancy Beaton's unfinished pieces.
I hung them out on the line to try and get rid of the musty smell that old burlap gets.
I am really pushing to get Rug Hookers Daydream finished.

Monday, 27 May 2019

Edmonton - playing at the park.

A park visit is always popular now that the weather is lovely and it is much more relaxing for me than it used to be. I used to hover around Maya and Avery, mostly Maya, to make sure they didn't fall from a height. Now they are both so confident and used to the equipment that I can just sit at a picnic table and be entertained.

Maya insisted on being pushed on the swing first and then it was on to the twirly slide.
Avery rapidly climbs,
swings from the bar above the slide and
then flings himself down. Then does it all again.

Maya takes a more considered approach to the climb,

reaches for the bar,
lifts her feet up and

descends carefully holding both sides.
Both are up for a slide race.
Avery usually declares himself the winner

even when there is some controversy over the start.
Maya does want to do everything that Avery does
but will also explore on her own.