Thursday, 31 August 2017

Zatarra Cruise - Cleveland to Ashtabula

We got up bright and early and left the dock before having breakfast (although coffee was made, of course) as we planned to complete a trip that we had split into two on the way.
Off Fairport harbour we motored through the race course,
staying out of their way but with good views of the fleet.
Committee boat and finish line.

It was a decent wind but it was right on our nose and, although we tried to sail, we gave up as it put us too far of course. It was a bumpy ride into choppy waves, often breaking over our bow (though I didn't have much luck capturing the exact moment that it happened)
As we travel we have the radio on and can hear the Coast Guard (alerts, distress calls etc) and the Lakers announcing their impending arrival at the ports along the coast. They notify when they are an hour out, half hour out and 15min out, to give everyone time to clear.
Even so this little fishing boat (far left) was rushing to get in to Ashtabula harbour
and this sailboat (far right) was rushing to get out
before this big boy made his entrance.
He dwarfs the lighthouse.
Once inside the breakwall, he turned around to back into the dock
and we were able to slip by, go under the lift bridge
back to our peaceful dock
at the Ashtabula Yacht Club.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Zatarra Cruise - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The only thing I had said I wanted to do on this trip was to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, if we got as far as Cleveland. Paul had been quite a while ago and said he really didn't remember it much and Sharon had never been.
I was there by 9:30 and walked right in, no crowds, even though it was a Saturday.
The lower floor held the bulk of the collection.
Joey Kramer, Aerosmith, had new drum heads designed for each tour. All the items were labelled as to owner, often designer/artist/craftsman, age or tour /album used for. Way more info than I needed but I am sure fascinating for some.
Displays were arranged by band, artist, city, genre or date.
There was music playing everywhere but somehow it wasn't too noisy. There were also videos of interviews, newsreels and concerts. I often stopped to watch the videos, finding a bench or sometimes just sitting on the floor.
One room commemorated, "The Summer of Love", 1967, when hippies gathered in San Fransisco.
Posters from that time. It was interesting to read the socio-economic, scientific and political forces that culminated in that response along with the reaction of the city council of San Fransisco and its inhabitants.
Perhaps the roots of Zentangle.
Lots of stage costumes.
One room had a special exhibit devoted to John Cougar Mellencamp.
He paints now, more than performing.
There was a display of watercolour sketches done by Jimi Hendrix, while on tour.
Highlights for me were the areas devoted to the roots of rock and roll with lots of old video footage of gospel, blues, jazz, country and folk,
a display devoted to England, 1964 - 68, just before I left and just as I was becoming aware of current music. I sang along with "Ferry Cross the Mersey" and watched video of the bands from that time.
"Life's Been Good to Me", Joe Walsh. I loved seeing the original written lyrics with words scratched out, corrected, edited, seeing the creative process.

On the upper levels there were 2 movie theatres. One showed highlights of the inductees concert performances and the one with Prince, Eric Clapton and John Mayall jamming "My Guitar Gently Weeps" and having so much fun, was just amazing. Another had excerpts from American Bandstand, performances and interviews.
Looking down at a section of the gift shop
and out where Zatarra was docked.

In all I spent about 5hours there and didn't finish the final 2 floors that were devoted to 50years of Rolling Stone Magazine.
Anxious to get away from the crowds that had gradually built during the day, I walked around the harbour front, the Science Centre and
a couple of blocks into downtown Cleveland until
returning to the boat to be entertained
by the parade of bridal parties
coming to the adjacent park

to have their photos taken.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Zatarra Cruise - Fairport to Cleveland

We were up and off the dock by 7:30am. Past the salt piles that look like a colourful moonscape,
the herons,
the old lighthouse and
the soon to be B&B out on the breakwall.
It was a bouncy ride coming out of the entrance, setting our sails and missing this Laker that was turning into Fairport.
We were able to sail all the way with Cleveland emerging over the horizon, gradually going from ghostly shapes to clear buildings.
We furled the jib before coming through the East harbour entrance
and dropped the mainsail once we were safely behind the 2 mile long breakwall made of these strange concrete shapes.
Paul putting the sail cover on. He prefers to be "ship shape" before docking.
Even behind the breakwall there was enough wind to sail.

Just past the municipal airport
we turned into this entrance between a park and a Laker (part of the Science Centre)
and docked at the "Rock'n'Dock" behind the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
We paid for 2 nights (our most expensive dockage yet) and wondered if it would be too noisy. We could hear music from the RRHF, a restaurant/bar in the park, a harbour cruise party boat and there were planes and helicopters going into the airport.
Sharon and I walked up to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
to find out when it would open in the morning and do some shopping, figuring it would be very busy the next day (Saturday).
Lots of vinyl as well as CDs.
We were happily surprised that, although it was pretty noisy in the evening,
it quieted right down by about 11pm.