Thursday, 10 August 2017

Summer updates

I finally I have acceptable internet, having ditched Bell (their tech department eventually confirmed that they were unable to provide internet service because the 2 towers that serve Long Point were overloaded) and moved onto Xplornet satellite. I am hoping that is the end of my communication frustrations. I have become very dependent on the internet to communicate with family, friends, book travel, stay up to date on the news and check the weather.
Last week I went to a community information meeting about "phragmites". When we first bought the cottage we could drive across the causeway and see the marshes on one side, across the bull rushes, and the bay on the other. Now the causeway road is a tunnel between these huge invasive grasses. They block the view, strangle the native species of wetland plants and are only used by animals and birds at the edges as the centre is too dense and therefor a "dead zone". Turtles get in there and die because they can't move. They spread exponentially and through a number of methods (seeds, rhizomes that can go metres deep, even from dead stalks)
Last year some areas were treated with a herbicide, cut, rolled and burned. It was considered a success and more will be treated this year.
They are spreading across southern Ontario effecting marshes, beaches and agricultural ditches.
The Long Point Phragmites Alliance has created an information brochure to help cottagers understand the problem and the treatment.

Nicola and Dave came for the long weekend, bringing unsettled weather and high winds. George always used to say that if they were coming we could count on some wave jumping.
Most of the time it was still nice enough to sit on the deck or walk on the beach.

Playing in the water its difficult to tell where one dog ends and the other starts.

They were having so much fun

Because of the weather forecast, Nicola bought her sewing machine and a number of quilting projects with her. So many seams!

Of course Rasta had to sit on a quilt that Nic was hand sewing.

Just like he has to lie on rugs in progress

or piles of wool

Because of the wind, the kite boarders were on the beach and one bought this "life size" blow up bear with him.

Attached to a pole at a number of points, the wind made it bounce and "walk".

I have been hosting hook-ins for my McGown students and this week there were 6 here. Margot gave me this lovely braid of wool with great beach colours.

I have been creating examples for the "Stash buster basket" class that I am teaching at Apps Ridge in September

and working on my Port Dover rug. It has been in the works for at least 4 years and I hope to finish it this year.
 Nicola and I hike the Bruce Trail again this weekend so that will be the subject of the next post.

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