Thursday, 31 August 2017

Zatarra Cruise - Cleveland to Ashtabula

We got up bright and early and left the dock before having breakfast (although coffee was made, of course) as we planned to complete a trip that we had split into two on the way.
Off Fairport harbour we motored through the race course,
staying out of their way but with good views of the fleet.
Committee boat and finish line.

It was a decent wind but it was right on our nose and, although we tried to sail, we gave up as it put us too far of course. It was a bumpy ride into choppy waves, often breaking over our bow (though I didn't have much luck capturing the exact moment that it happened)
As we travel we have the radio on and can hear the Coast Guard (alerts, distress calls etc) and the Lakers announcing their impending arrival at the ports along the coast. They notify when they are an hour out, half hour out and 15min out, to give everyone time to clear.
Even so this little fishing boat (far left) was rushing to get in to Ashtabula harbour
and this sailboat (far right) was rushing to get out
before this big boy made his entrance.
He dwarfs the lighthouse.
Once inside the breakwall, he turned around to back into the dock
and we were able to slip by, go under the lift bridge
back to our peaceful dock
at the Ashtabula Yacht Club.

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