Saturday, 12 August 2017

Bruce Trail - KIngsview Dr to Sam Lawrence Park

Another weekend devoted to our "end to end" project. Nicola had the map and I had written down the directions to where we were meeting but we both managed to get lost. Finally met up at the chosen access point which was in a relatively new subdivision. We were late starting, about 11am.
After walking down the access trail we next had to get under the Red Hill Valley Parkway.
Since going to the Phragmites information session I have been seeing them everywhere, wetlands, ditches, open spaces.
Beside the trail they were treating them with Roundup.
This trail joined the Bruce for a section and looked like it would be a nice walk all the way down to the lake.
Soon we were into typical wooded Bruce Trail.. We could hear traffic in the distance for most of the day and sometimes the sounds of kids on sports fields but still it didn't feel urban.
Came to the Red Hill Creek, full from last nights thunderstorms and torrential rain.
Crossed on a footbridge.
Some of the blogs we had read had described this section of the Bruce as being quite difficult and at this point we agreed. From here on we frequently traversed (Nic insisted I use that word in the blog) parts of the path that were strewn with slippery, often mossy, loose rocks. Ankle traps. Thank goodness for the poles.
It was also, often, overgrown and we were attacked by little green burrs. We realized that there are so many trails and the rail trail, that people aren't using the Bruce very much, there are better/easier walks to take.
Periodically steps like these went up to access roads on "the Mountain".
The trail crossed some insane stairs
that people were going up and down for exercise!
There were lots of views across Hamilton and when we "turned the corner" and could see the bay, we were rewarded with the first breeze of the day.
The Bruce follows the Escarpment Rail Trail for a while, so we contended with joggers and bicyclists, and more people than we had seen on any other part of the Bruce, but the breeze cooled us.
Then we were off into the rough terrain again
complete with a log that had to be clambered over.
Nicola was pulling burrs off herself and so I started taking shots of the surroundings and got one of my favorites of the whole day. Mossy rock.
We knew this was coming but it was a bit daunting, looking up the Wentworth Steps
I had to stop, due to increased heart rate, every 3 flights (30 stairs) and wait for it to go down (and take pictures). People wer walking and jogging up and down. One couple with 2 very fit dogs went up and down a number of times while I was walking up (once)
From the top, 1520 steps!
We then had the option to continue up more steps or take the Bruce to the right and then up an incline. Another hiker told us that was the way to go. I was reading the map, so it is my fault we hiked longer than we intended today.
We ended up coming up the Sam Lawrence Park side trail and had to walk back to where we had left my care. We intended to do 8km and instead hiked 9.4km. Oh well, less to do tomorrow.
We had parked near the site of one of Hamiltons 2 incline railways. Demolished in the 40s.
were a rabbit was chowing down on a bun and
we could see downtown Toronto in the hazy distance.
We finished the hike in our customary fashion, hiking boots off, sandals on and stop for something cool and refreshing at Tim Hortons. After picking up the other car we drove to the B&B, booked for the night, to shower and be ready to do it all again tomorrow.

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