Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Rookie RVer

Last weekend I camped in the trailer for the first time. I took it up to Guelph Lake for 3 nights. Nicola and I were supposed to be hiking the Bruce again but those plans were changed because 1) I had a groin injury and 2) it rained pretty well continually all weekend.
Like everything new there is a learning curve to RVing.
  • I drove on back roads, on the 401 and through the edge of Guelph. I kept up a mantra of ... "be cautious, slow and remember I am long!". I had to watch turning corners as, if you do it wrong, you either hit the curb or swing too wide, but overall it went well. Changing lanes will take some getting used to as it is difficult to determine how much space I need (LOTS is the easy answer)
  • When I got to the site I discovered that the post holding the services was 2 campsites away from the flat area I wanted to park the trailer on. Luckily a kind couple in the trailer next to me had extra hose and power cord and hooked me up for the first night. Next day it was an expensive trip to Canadian Tire to get the additional lengths needed. Hopefully now I am prepared for any site distance.
  • The Command hooks that I bought and put up, on a wall and on a shower wall, both held, so now I will figure out where I need more of them.
  • I need to figure out how to put shelves in one of the cupboards as the pile of clear plastic tubs isn't that convenient.
  • I have not yet used the furnace, air conditioner, hot water heater and stove, as I didn't turn on the propane. I did use the pump. city water and water tank,  toilet (wow that's a nice luxury!) and microwave.
  • Nicola helped me get hitched up and pump out on Monday morning. Hooking the sway bar up is difficult bit the pump out was a breeze. I had dreaded that.
  • On the way back I dropped the trailer at the dealership for them to fix some trim issues and to lube the sway bar so hopefully it is easier for me to use.
So instead of hiking we did some clothes shopping, fabric shopping, trailer supplies shopping and thrift store shopping. We also ate out and relaxed at Nic and Dave's place (Nicola quilting and me rug hooking)
Bronx keeping me company while I rug hooked. Photo by Nicola

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The Junction Summer Solstice Festival 2018

Last year I spent a few days with Christine and her work crew helping with the Junction Summer Solstice Festival. This year I have other plans for the event day, Saturday June 23rd, so went down to help last weekend. I handed out flyers, promoted the event and solicited for volunteers at the Saturday farmers market, delivered various items to various participating businesses and made some road closure posters but most of my time was spent in a very enjoyable assignment .....
turning the backs of old banners into huge colouring sheets for children and adults. Photo by Chris.
This one is Chris'. She had taken the banners home, spread them out on the driveway and spray painted "The Junction" on to them. Our challenge was to then use "The Junction" in the scene. Photo by Chris.
Some of it was freehand and some of the items we copied from free online images (there are a lot of free colouring pages on the internet with some great line drawings). I might decide that I wanted a howling wolf, google "line drawing of howling wolf" and there would be tons to choose from.  Photo by Chris.
On the day of the event they will be laid out on the street (Dundas will be closed to traffic that day), children will  have wax crayons to colour them with and adults will have coloured "sharpies". I created 4 large banners and one square one (had a "zentangle" sun on it) Problem is that now I have created them, I would like to colour them. Photo by Chris.
This year Norfolk County is having a household junk pick up and I started to clear out some of the stuff, upstairs, in the garage. Some plastic chairs, a metal table, an old windsurfing sail and
two wooden doors from the original cottage (painted by Christine when she was 16) ended up at Stubs store across the street.
They fit perfectly in the "cottage kitsch" decor
Two weekends ago was the Hewson Regatta and Caleidoscope participated in the Saturday race. It was run as a "Pursuit Race" with each boat starting at a predetermined time based on their handicap. The theory being that if everyone raced equally well all the boats should finish at the same time.
Flyer passing us. Picture by Steve or Liz
Sequence passed us. Photo by Steve or Liz
Dave trimming the Spinnaker. Photo by Steve or Liz
Kestrel nipped us in the last 20 minutes. We came 6th out of 7 boats but we all finished within 6 minutes of each other in a 20 mile race. We then met up at the Yacht Club for a pot luck BBQ and drinks.
The tug positioned this gas rig right in front of my place today. It has been further West, up the lake, and I have been able to see the lights at night.
It will be a beacon of light out there tonight.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Congratulations and Pakenham update.

Fiona ran at the OFSSA meet last Saturday. She won her heat which got her into the 800 metre final. She finished 8th overall. Congratulations to the 8th fastest Midget Girl in Ontario!

3 weeks ago Nicola and I drove to Pakenham to surprise our brother, Mark, on his 60th birthday. A long drive for a weekend but well worth it by the look on his face when we walked in. We were all amazed that Emma and the girls were able to keep it a secret and that even the dogs didn't give it away.
Mark and Emma have a beautiful, large, woodland garden full of ferns
and hosta. Emma dug some up for me and they got quite a shock being transplanted into sand and full sun.
There were "Lady's Slipper" growing beside the road. Surprisingly large and prolific. I had never seen them before.
There was also a surprising (and creepy) abundance of caterpillars. Walking up the road, which has trees arching overhead, was an obstacle course
and we came back into the house with them on our clothes and in our hair. Ugh!
Caesar demonstrating how to relax.

I will end with a video of Heather entertaining us beautifully. I videoed the whole song but couldn't load it all up. I hope this abridged version works (please excuse the sound of the dishwasher being unloaded in the background):

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Good Luck at OFSSA Fiona

2 weeks ago Fiona completed at CWOSSA (I think it stands for Central Western Ontario Secondary School Athletics) in Track and Field. I remember for the days when Christine and Mike both competed at this level, what a big deal it is. How hard you have to work to get there. How many other talented athletes you have to beat.
Fiona competed in the 1500 metres on the first day and qualified for the next meet. I took her on the next day to see her run the 800 metres.
It was a lovely day at a track in Cambridge and Mum, Dad and I yelled ourselves silly as Fiona lead right form the start.
She won quite easily in 2:22:20
We all cheered again when she stood on the podium as they presented the medals and announced her name.

One week later we were off to OFSSA West in Windsor. On the Friday, with Simon and Danielle both acting as drivers/coach, she came in 6th in the 1500 metres but only the first 4 get to the next meet. I drove her on the Saturday, blew some good Karma on to her spikes and saw her smile when she was announced as the CWASSA Champion.
This  race was much tougher. This was the cluster at the finish line.
She ran a Personal Best and came in 4th which means she gets to move on to OFSSA.
OFSSA is the final meet, held at York University in Toronto, Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week. These are the top Track and Field Athletes from across Ontario. Good Luck Fiona, I am rooting for you. Win or not, you have done a fantastic job.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Palomino Real Lite. RL-17 BS

So excited. I picked up my travel trailer today. Aimee and Greg came with me (3 brains hearing how everything works has to be better than one) and they then came down to the cottage with me and guided me backing it into the driveway. Everything went well; it towed well (no sway, little bounce), I went up to 80 and took back roads, backed into the driveway on the first try.
Here you can see the small "slide" that contains the couch. Even that small amount of extra space makes a big difference inside.
On the door side it has a hand cranked awning with led lights and an outside mounted BBQ
This is the inside layout. The bed stays made all the time (no conversion) and both the couch and the dinette can be converted into sleeping space. They wont be most of the time.  Has a shower/toilet combo (and an outside shower), air conditioning, furnace, TV and radio, frig/freezer, microwave and 2 burner hot plate.
It is already a money pit - enzymes for the black water tank, water hose, sewage hose, plug adapters and surge protector, water pressure regulator ....... and that's just the first day!