Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Rookie RVer

Last weekend I camped in the trailer for the first time. I took it up to Guelph Lake for 3 nights. Nicola and I were supposed to be hiking the Bruce again but those plans were changed because 1) I had a groin injury and 2) it rained pretty well continually all weekend.
Like everything new there is a learning curve to RVing.
  • I drove on back roads, on the 401 and through the edge of Guelph. I kept up a mantra of ... "be cautious, slow and remember I am long!". I had to watch turning corners as, if you do it wrong, you either hit the curb or swing too wide, but overall it went well. Changing lanes will take some getting used to as it is difficult to determine how much space I need (LOTS is the easy answer)
  • When I got to the site I discovered that the post holding the services was 2 campsites away from the flat area I wanted to park the trailer on. Luckily a kind couple in the trailer next to me had extra hose and power cord and hooked me up for the first night. Next day it was an expensive trip to Canadian Tire to get the additional lengths needed. Hopefully now I am prepared for any site distance.
  • The Command hooks that I bought and put up, on a wall and on a shower wall, both held, so now I will figure out where I need more of them.
  • I need to figure out how to put shelves in one of the cupboards as the pile of clear plastic tubs isn't that convenient.
  • I have not yet used the furnace, air conditioner, hot water heater and stove, as I didn't turn on the propane. I did use the pump. city water and water tank,  toilet (wow that's a nice luxury!) and microwave.
  • Nicola helped me get hitched up and pump out on Monday morning. Hooking the sway bar up is difficult bit the pump out was a breeze. I had dreaded that.
  • On the way back I dropped the trailer at the dealership for them to fix some trim issues and to lube the sway bar so hopefully it is easier for me to use.
So instead of hiking we did some clothes shopping, fabric shopping, trailer supplies shopping and thrift store shopping. We also ate out and relaxed at Nic and Dave's place (Nicola quilting and me rug hooking)
Bronx keeping me company while I rug hooked. Photo by Nicola

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