Friday, 1 June 2018

Palomino Real Lite. RL-17 BS

So excited. I picked up my travel trailer today. Aimee and Greg came with me (3 brains hearing how everything works has to be better than one) and they then came down to the cottage with me and guided me backing it into the driveway. Everything went well; it towed well (no sway, little bounce), I went up to 80 and took back roads, backed into the driveway on the first try.
Here you can see the small "slide" that contains the couch. Even that small amount of extra space makes a big difference inside.
On the door side it has a hand cranked awning with led lights and an outside mounted BBQ
This is the inside layout. The bed stays made all the time (no conversion) and both the couch and the dinette can be converted into sleeping space. They wont be most of the time.  Has a shower/toilet combo (and an outside shower), air conditioning, furnace, TV and radio, frig/freezer, microwave and 2 burner hot plate.
It is already a money pit - enzymes for the black water tank, water hose, sewage hose, plug adapters and surge protector, water pressure regulator ....... and that's just the first day!

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