Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The Junction Summer Solstice Festival 2018

Last year I spent a few days with Christine and her work crew helping with the Junction Summer Solstice Festival. This year I have other plans for the event day, Saturday June 23rd, so went down to help last weekend. I handed out flyers, promoted the event and solicited for volunteers at the Saturday farmers market, delivered various items to various participating businesses and made some road closure posters but most of my time was spent in a very enjoyable assignment .....
turning the backs of old banners into huge colouring sheets for children and adults. Photo by Chris.
This one is Chris'. She had taken the banners home, spread them out on the driveway and spray painted "The Junction" on to them. Our challenge was to then use "The Junction" in the scene. Photo by Chris.
Some of it was freehand and some of the items we copied from free online images (there are a lot of free colouring pages on the internet with some great line drawings). I might decide that I wanted a howling wolf, google "line drawing of howling wolf" and there would be tons to choose from.  Photo by Chris.
On the day of the event they will be laid out on the street (Dundas will be closed to traffic that day), children will  have wax crayons to colour them with and adults will have coloured "sharpies". I created 4 large banners and one square one (had a "zentangle" sun on it) Problem is that now I have created them, I would like to colour them. Photo by Chris.
This year Norfolk County is having a household junk pick up and I started to clear out some of the stuff, upstairs, in the garage. Some plastic chairs, a metal table, an old windsurfing sail and
two wooden doors from the original cottage (painted by Christine when she was 16) ended up at Stubs store across the street.
They fit perfectly in the "cottage kitsch" decor
Two weekends ago was the Hewson Regatta and Caleidoscope participated in the Saturday race. It was run as a "Pursuit Race" with each boat starting at a predetermined time based on their handicap. The theory being that if everyone raced equally well all the boats should finish at the same time.
Flyer passing us. Picture by Steve or Liz
Sequence passed us. Photo by Steve or Liz
Dave trimming the Spinnaker. Photo by Steve or Liz
Kestrel nipped us in the last 20 minutes. We came 6th out of 7 boats but we all finished within 6 minutes of each other in a 20 mile race. We then met up at the Yacht Club for a pot luck BBQ and drinks.
The tug positioned this gas rig right in front of my place today. It has been further West, up the lake, and I have been able to see the lights at night.
It will be a beacon of light out there tonight.

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