Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Congratulations and Pakenham update.

Fiona ran at the OFSSA meet last Saturday. She won her heat which got her into the 800 metre final. She finished 8th overall. Congratulations to the 8th fastest Midget Girl in Ontario!

3 weeks ago Nicola and I drove to Pakenham to surprise our brother, Mark, on his 60th birthday. A long drive for a weekend but well worth it by the look on his face when we walked in. We were all amazed that Emma and the girls were able to keep it a secret and that even the dogs didn't give it away.
Mark and Emma have a beautiful, large, woodland garden full of ferns
and hosta. Emma dug some up for me and they got quite a shock being transplanted into sand and full sun.
There were "Lady's Slipper" growing beside the road. Surprisingly large and prolific. I had never seen them before.
There was also a surprising (and creepy) abundance of caterpillars. Walking up the road, which has trees arching overhead, was an obstacle course
and we came back into the house with them on our clothes and in our hair. Ugh!
Caesar demonstrating how to relax.

I will end with a video of Heather entertaining us beautifully. I videoed the whole song but couldn't load it all up. I hope this abridged version works (please excuse the sound of the dishwasher being unloaded in the background):

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