Thursday, 7 June 2018

Good Luck at OFSSA Fiona

2 weeks ago Fiona completed at CWOSSA (I think it stands for Central Western Ontario Secondary School Athletics) in Track and Field. I remember for the days when Christine and Mike both competed at this level, what a big deal it is. How hard you have to work to get there. How many other talented athletes you have to beat.
Fiona competed in the 1500 metres on the first day and qualified for the next meet. I took her on the next day to see her run the 800 metres.
It was a lovely day at a track in Cambridge and Mum, Dad and I yelled ourselves silly as Fiona lead right form the start.
She won quite easily in 2:22:20
We all cheered again when she stood on the podium as they presented the medals and announced her name.

One week later we were off to OFSSA West in Windsor. On the Friday, with Simon and Danielle both acting as drivers/coach, she came in 6th in the 1500 metres but only the first 4 get to the next meet. I drove her on the Saturday, blew some good Karma on to her spikes and saw her smile when she was announced as the CWASSA Champion.
This  race was much tougher. This was the cluster at the finish line.
She ran a Personal Best and came in 4th which means she gets to move on to OFSSA.
OFSSA is the final meet, held at York University in Toronto, Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week. These are the top Track and Field Athletes from across Ontario. Good Luck Fiona, I am rooting for you. Win or not, you have done a fantastic job.

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