Monday, 22 April 2013

Long Point - signs of Spring

Everywhere there are signs of spring - finally. In Long Point some of them are a little different than elsewhere:
Our snow fence and one wall of boards, are down. You can also just
see the arm of one of the Muskoka chairs on the deck.
We had to take the fences down because the walkways have to be bulldozed
before a certain date, so as not to disturb the endangered Fowler Toad.
Udderly Cool's cow is unwrapped. She spends all winter covered  in a tarp.

The Cottonwood Poplars have huge buds and look ready to burst into leaf any second.
As soon as we saw swallows, we put up Bob's martin house. They have not been particularly
interested in this piece of real estate. That's why the other one is still lying on our deck. Don't
want to flood the market.
The pile of tires that George has taken off the beach this winter is smaller than usual.
 That's a function of the fact that the ATV wouldn't start regularly rather than the possibility
 that there are fewer tires floating around in the lake. The County will come and
pick them up from us soon.
Daffodils growing in the sand. These bulbs were planted last fall. Sometimes
I get a second year our of bulbs but the sand gives them no nutrients, so
it's unusual.
I just planted pansies today. Two pots on the porch posts and
a pot on the deck.
And now for the final sign of spring, though its not unique to Long Point:
George taking down the Christmas Lights!

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