Friday, 5 April 2013

Merida Day 30 - just hanging

We had no real agenda for today. Pool guys and Ana came to clean, we left them to it and headed out. Our only purpose was to buy avocados and mangos and Kahlua. It was a perfect day for walking. Forecast was 28 and there was a good breeze. It was sunny with occasional clouds. Absolutely perfect, the kind of weather we had thought we would be getting down here.
We walked to Santiago Square and bought our produce in the market and continued walking til we were down at the main square. We sat in front of the municipal building while I tried to sketch the facade. Quite a challenge.
The crest is an eagle killing a serpent, which is also on the Mexican flag.
We revisited the Casa Montejo, on the square. Again, getting a sense of how the rich lived and amazed at the furniture, stencilled walls and rooms opening onto courtyard for the shade, greenery and air flow.
One of Casa Montejo's courtyards
We popped into MACAY for George to use the washroom and realised that the gallery that wasn't available yesterday was now open. Weird plastic sculptures of body parts.

We continued up Calle 60 and went into Teatro Peon, just to see the photography exhibit in the foyer but the security guard let us walk around upstairs.
The upstairs balcony, looked like there was a bar out there for intermission.
Beautiful old theatre, multiple balconies all with plaster carvings around them.

And of course a tile at the next corner.
Back to Sandiago Square for the Kahlua and then walked home. This was the kind of walking we were doing in our first week here, before we learnt how to use the buses.
To finish this post, a bicycle built for two:

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