Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Long Point - Mike and snow

Mike is home for a short leave and Chris was also able to get home for a day, so we had the whole family together for the first time since Mike and Aimee's wedding, last summer. The weather co-operated and Mike and Chris went for a swim on Monday. Mike, just to keep up his training and Chris, to continue training for her mini-triathlon in August.
George kayaked with them as the "pace boat" actually "safety boat"
as the pace wasn't much of an issue - slow.
Neither were that keen to get into the water, its still pretty cold.
They both swam the kilometre from the Provincial Park down to the cottage and said that it felt warm enough when they got going. This is further than Chris will need to swim for the race and good practise as it is in open water and she will be swimming off Toronto Island.
The next day, I was "safety boat" and Mike swam again, this time just with his legs. He was in his wet suit and flippers and I wore Georges wet suit as it was quite cool on the water.

The annual summer snow fall has come to Long Point. The Cottonwood Poplars send their seeds out in puffballs that float around and cover the ground just like snow.
The bottom seed pods are yet to burst, in this picture, but the top ones
are ready to let fly.
It coats the ground and floats around just like snow, getting caught in the flowers
and trees and drifting into low spots.

Lavender, in flower, and covered in "snow".

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