Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Long Point - Whats new this year.

In my previous Long Point posts I have pointed out the things that reflect the reliability of the change of seasons at Long Point. However, this year there have been some changes that visitors to the Point should note. Some out of interest and some as they impact the enjoyment of the visit.
Last winter, 3 eco-passages where installed under the causeway road bed, allowing safe passage for wildlife from the marsh to the lake and vice versa. This spring the fences that prevent wildlife from getting across the road were attached to the passages to funnel creatures through.
The largest of the eco-passages allows water to flow between the marsh and the Lake.  It is
reported to be located where Big Creek used to flow into the Lake.
Same passageway, marsh side.
This one is just a mud passageway but has holes along the top so that light can get in.
The third, also a mud passageway, doesn't have holes, so its a dark tunnel.
The other day we saw the "roadkill crew" walking the causeway. What a summer job that would be! They collect all the creature corpses for identification and to keep track of how many are being killed crossing the road. It is hoped that the availability of the eco-passages will reduce the number of creatures killed on that particular road. Especially the endangered ones. There has also been an effort made to provide a variety of habitat in the marsh in the hope that the turtles will not feel the need to cross the road to reach preferred egg laying areas.
From wildlife visitors to human ones. To accommodate the influx of summer "tourists", the County has instituted a number of changes this year:
Reduced speed limits (actually this started last year, so this is just a reminder). The speed limit across the causeway starts at 70km, drops to 60km, in front of the trailer parks drops to 50km and along Erie Blvd at the Causeway Restaurant, drops to 40Km!

The County has also painted white stripes on the road (and the gravel?) to designate parking spots.
163 spots along Erie Blvd
and a few in front of the Abigail Becker parking lot.
The signs that are, however, the most contentious are the ones denoting 4hr parking only. Who comes to the beach for just 4hrs? I believe that the  hope is that people who are coming for longer than 4hrs will go to the Provincial Park. I am not convinced. I believe we will just have some very annoyed visitors, when they get their parking tickets and it will really tie up the by-law officers time, when they should be giving tickets for all the people who park in un-designated areas, often blocking driveways or traffic sight lines.
This idea caused so much controversy that it was voted on at 2 different County Council meetings. The
local radio station reported that it was done to "appease the Long Point Cottagers".
On a lighter note; anyone looking for an investment? Bubbs on the Beach is for sale.

As I was finishing off this post a sea plane landed, just down the beach from our place.

It rolled up onto the beach,
and after a little struggle getting over a sandbar, took off again.

Well, that's a first for us.

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