Sunday, 11 August 2013

Long Point and east.

Its been a busy couple of weeks so this post is a random compilation of one of those weeks.
Fiona came to stay for an overnight, so nice to spend time with her as she is such a beach/cottage/water kid.
Looks like an innocent sandcastle but underneath is Fiona, hoping
to surprise Dan when she came to pick her up.
We had to go to Fort Erie to pick up cherries that Mum had frozen for us. We drove most of the way along the lake and I was surprised at how close the windmill development is to Port Dover.

I don't know how many windmills are going to be built along this part of the Lake Erie shoreline but there is evidence from Port Dover to Dunneville. It's not just windmills themselves but also the hydro lines have to be renewed, roads built out to each site (big enough to take the huge trucks carrying the pieces of the towers and the blades), wires underground from the windmill to the hydro lines, cranes to hoist the whole unit up in place - it is a very busy piece of the countryside right now.

On the way back we were detoured off Hwy 3 into some lovely farm land and held up on a country road as a truck was negotiating a corner that was not designed for truck traffic. Looking up there was this bird on the wire, I think a young red tailed hawk.
He looked as though he couldn't quite figure out how his nice, quiet little
neck of the woods turned into a traffic jam!
Another photo from our return journey. Who can resist a field of sunflowers, they make me smile just looking at them.
Racing on Wednesday was not particularly exciting. There wasn't enough wind, so it ended up being cancelled but not until we had sat and bobbed for a while, hoping that the dark clouds would bring some wind, but no rain, with them. The changing sky led to some beautiful effects on the water.
Sometimes it looked like ink.
Sometimes it looked like silver
Sometimes it was hard to say where the water ended and the sky began.

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