Sunday, 24 November 2013

Cruising - Antigua

Antigua was our next port of call and we watched our arrival from the bow. Another island with steep hills and a sheltered harbour.
As we sailed into port.
Docked right at the city of St Johns, Antigua. In the distance you can see
the two towers of the the church we walked up to.
After a quick breakfast we went for a walk through town. St Johns is a combination of modern office and bank buildings, old clapboard island buildings intermingled with dilapidated structures of questionable age.

The church of St John the Baptist, at the top of the hill was closed for renovations so,
unfortunately, we couldn't go inside. But we went further up the hill and saw a building
to another local religion: the cricket stadium.
On our way back we meandered a little off the beaten track, through some residential areas and ended up at a fish dock and market, almost in the shadow of the cruise ships. There were 3 in port that day, towering over the town.

The fish market was noise and smell and beautifully colourful fish. A feast
for the senses.
We returned to the ship to eat (of course, it is a cruise after all) and then sun and hot tub. Out at the bow for departure  we watched and took pictures of the islands in the distance.
It's a rough life.
I think this is Montserrat with its perpetual cloud cover over the
volcano at the left end of the island.
Couldn't resist sharing the photo of the Mickey Mouse cloud.

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