Friday, 15 November 2013

Cruising novices

George and I decided to try a cruise for our fall vacation. George being George, much Internet research was done and we finally booked it about 2 weeks prior to the departure date. It was just "the luck of the draw" which cruise line we ended up on; Norwegian Cruise Line was it.
We have never cruised before so had no expectations. All we knew was that we would have 14 nights accommodation, food and visit some islands.
Boarding went very smoothly and we were on the boat by about noon and had lunch looking over the empty pool.
The pool area while we were still in Boston
The pool area on our second day at sea, it was already nice and warm.
The pool was salt water and constantly full of people floating. There were 4 hot tubs around the pool, also salt water, but you could always get a seat in one of them. We tended to use the hot tub that overlooked the bow as you didn't have to listen to the noise/music from the pool there.
We had booked an inside cabin and were surprised at the amount of room there was, closet, 2 little desk areas, fridge, drawers, TV, bathroom with a roomy shower
Our "stateroom", yes they're all called staterooms!
We spent the afternoon exploring the ship; which staircases and elevators went where. The ship held about 2200 passengers and was about 1,000 ft long.
The Venetian Restaurant, one of the 2 main, full service, dining rooms. There was also a buffet dining room
 and a 24 hour restaurant or you could get room service, if, after all that, you were still hungry.
The Stardust Theatre. The entertainment was varied and very good. This theatre
was packed for at least 2 shows every night.
This is looking down into the 3 story atrium with elevators that went right up to the
12th floor, from the 4th. There was entertainment in the Atrium every night
We were scheduled to leave at 4:00pm but we didn't and we spent the time watching the sun going down over Boston from the bow. This was to become our favourite area as we watched every arrival and departure from the bow and many sunsets from the bow hot tub.
A magnificent sky to see us off.

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