Friday, 17 June 2016

Long Point - is it summer yet?

It's been a very cool, dry spring. I still often put a light jacket on when leaving the house and nights, sailing, require something warmer than just a t-shirt, out on the water. This had had a couple of consequences;
- After a beautiful display of daffodils, the rest of the flowers have been less than enthusiastic about the weather. I have had to water the flower beds, as well as the vegetable garden, frequently.
- There have been very few people on the beach, for this time of year, so the pictures I took of driftwood are on a deserted beach.
Framing the Provincial Park
The driftwood is bought in and deposited by winter storms. Each subsequent storm will roll it, move it down the beach or half bury it in sand.
Driftwood doesn't just add to the beach aesthetic; in the summer it provides a handy bench or a location to place the cooler etc, to establish your space on the beach.
For the kids, its a balance beam or a base to start a sand castle.
Teenagers consider them a challenge to be stood on their end, like a flagpole, or to be burned in a night time fire on the beach with the accompanying beer and squealing midnight swim.
I just like the bleached skeletons and the play of shadows on the wood and sand.
I also like the shadows on the remaining snow fence, in front of the Provincial Park. It wont take long for this to be sacrificed to the night, beach fires.

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