Monday, 20 June 2016

Port Dover - 2016 Hewson Regatta

I am a couple of weeks behind in blogging. The Hewson Regatta was 2 weekends ago. For the whole week prior the weather forecast had been for severe thunderstorms but on Saturday morning they suddenly disappeared and we had 2 days of beautiful sunny weather. Strong winds both days.
I sailed with Paul and Sharon on Zatarra II
There were "all the usual suspects" from the PDYC Race Division
and a few of us who were just along for the fun of it, not eligible for the flags.
Windigo, which was single handed.
Knot Scene, the smallest boat out was sailed by a father and son.

The wind built behind us all day making for a fast sail down the lake with some fun surfing down the waves.
Past an anchored Laker
Finishing between the piers at Port Maitland and then motored up the river to Dunneville
Zatarra was the third boat in on a 6 boat raft so there was a lot of walking across boats to get to the dock and overnight the constant sound of squeaking fenders rubbing against the hulls.
Snacks as soon as we were safely docked. I am always ravenous when I get off the lake.
Partying in front of the Dunneville Boat Club. Later there was a live band.
The race boats displayed their winning flags
Sitting in the cockpit, with a glass of wine, watching the firework display.
It was fabulous

as usual

Sunday morning we broke up the rafts of boats and motored back down the river (Sharon made us breakfast at this point)
We raced back home again into a strong wind.
Shaibu loves this kind of weather.
It was not as comfortable ride home. A lot of tacking. We started out with a reefed main (later shook it out) and furled jib and as the wind varied had to keep changing (furl out, furl in, furl out, furl in).
Exhausted by the end of the day but a fun weekend.

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  1. I have to say that I really enjoy the posts you do on the sailing. I know nothing about it, but having watched the sailing season last year, it is nice to see the boats (like Windigo, Zitarra) that I recognize from last year. The bottom image of the tacking with the spray along the bow really captures the wind and the water.