Tuesday, 13 December 2016


I am leaving for Edmonton this week so, I'm sure, the blog will feature grandchildren over Christmas. As a bridge to that here are some pet pictures.
I visited a fellow "hooker" in Cambridge last week and she had some wonderful pets; parrots, a tortoise, a lizard, a very friendly, very furry cat and dogs.
His colours were just beautiful. Photo by Jennifer Budd.
I was in Toronto last weekend as Chris had surgery. Two, as always, was in the thick of things.
Cuddling with Chris while she grumped about her liquid diet.

Checking out the snow fall.
 Back at home now and doing some last minute Christmas stuff before leaving. I am making Jason a stocking to match the rest of the Sweeton stockings (a tradition begun by George's Mum when she made appliqued stockings for Christine and Michael). My needlework is nowhere near as neat and tidy as hers, but the stockings are being made bigger as Santa now tends to deliver magazines as well as small things.
Rasta decided that the red felt on the table looked like a good place to lie. He knows he's not supposed to be up there but I had to take a picture before chasing him off, it was such a lovely contrast with his black and white fur.
Note the artfully placed paws. This picture is primarily for Chris because she gets freaked out by his paws.

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