Monday, 15 May 2017

Calgary zoo with kids

Friday night we drove to Calgary amid rain and lightning and cranky kids. The weather forecast for Edmonton was more of that for Saturday but in Calgary it was partly sunny, a comfortable temperature and a perfect day for the zoo.
First stop was the Penguin Plunge.
Inside Avery just about climbed over me to get to the penguins.
He loved watching them swim.

Next stop the Dino Walk. Avery keeps wanting to see this series of pictures. "See dinosaurs"
He was scared of touching the dinosaur statue but with encouragement stepped up and hit it on the head. I didn't get that picture but he must remember it.
But I got this one, which I love.
Meercats were also a hit.
Actually he wanted to climb on just about everything.

There was a lot of sleeping in the sun going on.

I've never seen one of these before and Avery thought the ears were hysterical.
"Baby 'ogs". He has a hard time with the letter "h".
As well as animal watching there was also just a lot of running around.
When we ask Avery what was his favorite thing at the zoo he says "fishes".
There are plenty of animal themed play areas scattered through the zoo as well as snack bars and picnic areas.
We had the double stroller with us but both kids wanted out.

We  were there for about 4 hours

and they lasted about three and a half

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