Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Kaffe and kids

On the Sunday of the OHCG Annual I took a course with Karen Kaiser on Kaffe Fassett inspired rug hooking.
Kaffe Fassett designed very colourful textiles; weaving, knitting, rug hooking.
Karen had knitted one of his sweater patterns but had only completed the back and thought that she probably would not finish the garment due to the complexity of the pattern.
I forgot to take a photo of what I completed in class but I have worked on it periodically in the evenings while here, in Edmonton, when not too exhausted from "grandchild chasing".
I used the few odds and ends left over from the pattern in the border and then whipped it with the wool Karen provided.
Now on to the "grandchild chasing":
Avery climbing into his car (the door opens on the other side)
Maya observing the technique for future use.
"Sometimes I feel like a ride"
"Sometimes I don't"
Two for the road.
They love the park.
The swings,
LOVE them.
Maya likes gentle little pushes and Avery likes to go as high as he can.
The slide is also popular.
Actually, Avery
pretty well
Aimee had said the Maya would either watch everything from her seat in the stroller or would stand in the middle and watch the kids play.
She was a
Kept Nana
on her toes.

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