Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Experimenting with Pot Holder Loom weaving

Some time ago (I don't even remember where or when) I bought a little Pot Holder Loom. They are a kids craft item and come with stretchy little loops that you put over the loom and weave a little "pot holder". I had intended to experiment with yarn but never got around to it. In the week leading up to Christmas I gave it a go and got thoroughly addicted.
The loom is metal and you run the "warp" back and forth to the edges.
Then you weave the "weft" using a metal rod, looping it around the hooks on the other edges. Finally you use a crochet hook to pull each loop through the one beside it and ease the yarn off the side hooks.
The addictive part is the different effects form different yarns and patterns.
Once I got going I decided that everyone in the family needed a set for Christmas!

I called them "soup bowl coasters" for those times that you eat at the coffee table (come on, we all do it)
4 together became a placemat.
I tried "felting" one but it ruined the woven look and still didn't shrink it down to coaster size, so gave up on that idea.
The lake is starting to freeze and it amazes me that people think it is safe to walk out to the edge of the ice.

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