Friday, 22 December 2017

Leading up to Christmas

The last few weeks have been spent in Christmas preparations and following the Volvo Ocean Race on line. (This is turning into an addiction as I check the videos every day and am amazed at the wind and wave conditions sailing from Cape Town to Melbourne, through the Southern Ocean. Certainly makes Lake Erie, even at its worst, look pretty tame.)
Rasta has staked out a spot, under the tree, in the sun.
Exploring the menu button on the borrowed camera, I found a mode called "Pet Portrait". So I had to try it out.
I started to knit a blanket for the spare room, last spring, one square at a time.
Luckily Mum took it over and whipped them up in no time. Now I am working at sewing them all together so the blanket is ready for all the overnight guests this Christmas.
"Long Point Santa" standing on the beach, hung in the window.
Snow and wind have been the order of the day on the beach.
Sculpting into stationary waves
and icing the trees.
Its making a suspicious humming noise. It needs to be guarded

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  1. I never knew that Santa was on a beach!!! (Two is currently guarding our new humidifier too.) Thank you for hosting a wonderful Christmas - sucks that you were sick for it.