Monday, 28 January 2013

Bahamas Day 6

We had some more of the lobster, with eggs, in wraps for breakfast (Debra's creative cooking) then set out through the cut at the opposite end of Stocking Island for another day at sea. I forgot to mention the flying fish in yesterdays post. We saw them first yesterday right after we had passed through the cut. George and I couldn't believe that they weren't birds. They glided so far and looked like small ducks taking off from the water, from a distance. However when we saw them closer we could see they wiggled their tails to get up above the water and skip along the waves and appeared to  "flap" their wings/fins for a little before settling in to a long glide. At one point we saw a flock/school of about 20, gliding across the water. We saw them again sporadically this day.
You tube has some great videos of flying fish but I don't know yet how to insert a link here so if your interested just go and look there.
We set the sails but again it was too calm and we ended up motoring. We stopped the motor and drifted and let the lures sink while we made lunch.

We were heading back in when my line went "zing". Almost immediately Debra's also went. I was too excited and failed to "set the hook" by jerking the rod so my fish slipped off but Debra set hers and then let me reel it in. It looked like a snapper with a long black stripe on its head area and we couldn't find it in the fish book so don't know quite what it was.
Back at the anchorage again, George and Andy headed into Georgetown for a liquor run and Debra decided to filet the fish with me videoing. We got 4 fine fillets of him and set aside the remains for Andy to dump out in the deep water.
About to start the operation. Note Debra's braided and beaded hair,
she took it out the next day - too itchy
After preparing the fish, Debra and I decided to wash our hair off the back of the boat. I had just dived in to rinse out the shampoo and Debra was still on the swim platform when she started shouting conflicting instruction: "Carol get out of the water, NOW", "Swim slowly." Get out NOW". Once I was out on the swim platform again I saw him too. A 5 foot shark slowly circling the boat. He just went around the twice and then we didn't see him again. We shouted a warning across to Karen on Nomada and she said "Were you cleaning fish?" We realized some of the blood from the fish must have gone down the sink which drains right into the water, attracting the shark. We looked him up and he fit the description of a Bull Shark. Andy and George seemed unconcerned and swam when they returned to the boat.
Supper that night was my (actually Debra's) Snapper, the rest of the lobster and Mahi-Mahi that they had caught a week prior and frozen. Followed by pears flambed in rum, over whipped cream cheese. I have to say that the food at this resort is very good.

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