Thursday, 31 January 2013

Bahamas Day 8

The wind came up over night and we were rocking and rolling. When we got up in the morning the large catamaran anchored in front of us was closer than it had been, having dragged its anchor. We decided to take Between the Sheets over to Georgetown Harbour to cut down the length of the dinghy trip. It really was a "back to reality" day as Debra and Andy went into town to do laundry and George and I stayed on the boat and packed. The wind continued to build so when Debra called (using the walkie talkie) we suggested that Andy come and get us and our luggage and we eat lunch in town and then they return to the boat and move her back to a lee anchorage.
We dinghied into town with our luggage in garbage bags and we were still in our bathing suits as it was a very wet ride. We lunched at a little snack bar in town and then said goodbye to Andy and Debra.
Our last shot of Andy and Debra returning to Between the Sheets, anchored just to the right of the
land in this picture.
Andy and Debra were wonderful hosts. Its close quarters to have 4 people on a 38 ft sailboat. Everything has its place and some of the places are out of sight so it takes a while to learn what is stored where. Although George and I tried to do as much as we could (mostly washing up and drying), the bulk of the cooking and tidying up fell to Andy and Debra. We had some fabulous meals  with a selection of the local seafood (purchased, gifted and caught). Andy was very accommodating of my need for a couple of cups of coffee in the morning and it was lovely to relax with drinks in the cockpit after an exciting and active day.
But what made them the best hosts was their ability to call forth the sea creatures. We would call across the water "We haven't seen a turtle (dolphin/shark/starfish etc) yet" and withing 24 hours we would see one. We actually did see a large sea turtle on Day 7, right next to the boat. We had heard there was one hanging around the anchorage on the 2nd day.
Andy made this wonderful sweet bread twice during our week there.
The Georgetown area was a great place to spend a week. There were plenty of beaches, beautiful snorkelling spots, hikes on the islands, a pretty little town with shops, restaurants, grocery store and 4 (yes 4) liquor stores, and plenty of activities organized by the other cruisers. From Andy and Debra we know there are also secluded anchorages with only a couple of other boats for company on the smaller islands.
Thanks Andy And Debra
From Carol and George

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