Thursday, 14 July 2016

2016 Honey Harbour visit - Flora and fauna

Every time I visit Aimee and Greg's cottage, on an island near Honey Harbour, I find I just relax as  Aimee drives the little aluminum boat towards the island. It is a peaceful, welcoming place with friends and abundant  wildlife.
Aimee says that it has been "the year of the flowers"
both in the water and
on the island.
Every year when I come up we are entertained by the Ospreys. We have watched them bring in food for the babies and on one occasion watched them learning to fly. On two different years the young were blown away in huge storms, along with the nest.
This year there is a nest
and a pair of Osprey but
unfortunately, no young.
Canada Geese, however, are more prolific. This family had 30 babies, now almost grown,
there are only 21 left, but, there is always one of the parents on guard.
Aimee and I took an early morning paddle boat trip (note the large coffee!), to search for the otter and beaver that also make the waters around the island home.
The island is also home to a family of mink. I have seen the adults and the young but despair of ever getting a picture as they are very fast.
A huge heron fishes in the bay and likes to hang out on the railing of the walkway leading to the gazebo by the water.
There, he preens

Whenever the weather co-operates we sit out at the gazebo to watch a Georgian bay sunset.

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