Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Return to Long Point Spring (???)

After a very comfortable trip home (I got upgraded on my flight), Simon picked me up at the airport and I returned to a sparkling clean (courtesy of my renters) home.
Winter has not been kind to Long Point Beach. High water and storms have left trees uprooted
and tangles of tree roots exposed.
Cottages are threatened and some owners have had rocks put in front to give some protection from the waves.

There is much less beach than we are used to.
It is still cold enough for ice to form on
the debris washed up at the waters edge.
Spring is definitely not yet here so, rather than tackling the list of spring chores (involving bird houses, gardens and snow fences) I have been rug hooking.
Working on the piece that I have to teach at the McGown accreditation in September. The completed photos and report are due on June 1.
The ice storm reminded me that I hadn't missed winter totally by escaping to Mallorca.
Tough on the birds. I have seen a couple of swallows and don't know what they are eating as I have seen no bugs yet.
Tough on the trees, but most of what snapped off seems to be dead. Mother nature's way of pruning.
Tough on those working out on the lake. We normally get a southwest wind when it storms and the lakers seek shelter in Long Point Bay. This was the first time that I had seen a laker anchored of Long Point beach (for 2 days), protected, as the wind was from the north east.   
I was very thankful for my propane generator during the 2 days when I lost power for hours at a time.

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