Sunday, 8 April 2018

Wales - The Gower

Thursday was to be the best day weather wise so we decided to drive around to the other side of Carmarthen Bay to the finger of land known as "The Gower".
My first Welsh Mountain Pony sighting.
We parked behind Caswell Bay beach and the parking lot was already half full as it was the first really nice day of the 2 week Easter school holidays.
It was a surfing spot and everyone was in wet suits
and there was a  surfing school.
This lady was swimming though with no wetsuit.
The path was part of the Welsh Coastal pathway and paved in places.

There had been a fire sometime in the past year and in places the gorse was blackened sticks against the white of the limestone that had been turned to lime by the heat.

Lovely rocky coastline with lots of wave splash.

When we walked back the tide had gone out and there was much more beach showing, more people, dogs running on the sand and into the water.
Although it was cool and we were in our jackets, Christine and I had to have an ice cream (with a Flake).
We drove up onto the moor land that covers the highest area of the Gower and had lunch at this hotel that has a pub area and restaurant area.
We stopped on the moor and walked to this stone that covered an ancient burial mound, called King Arthurs Seat. There were views to both sides of the Gower and inland to the Brecon Beacons.
More Welsh Mountain Ponies. There are "cattle grates" on the roads as you drive out onto the moors so the animals grazing there can't leave via the road.
In addition to the ponies there were also sheep and cattle grazing there and Chris said the grazing rights went back 100s of years.

Because it was a brighter day than when I had last gone to the mill, and Christine hadn't come too, she and I went back to there.

It comes with a roof top garden

and "green walls" are all the rage now.
It did look much brighter inside on a better day and I realized that one door and a window are boarded up and will allow more light in.
This will be the ground floor bedroom
This will be the back door to the deck or patio. Christine and I had fun discussing where the washing machine would go
and the layout of the kitchen. This is the kitchen window.
The back roof. We found a piece of roofing slate on the ground and took it back to the house. After assuring me he couldn't replace it on the roof, Chris cut it into a manageable size and I packed it to (hopefully) set it in some wood and make a cheese board that will be my mill souvenir.
Friday morning Christine and I rode their "pedal assist" (electric) bikes into the village. Wow, they make hills really easy. Many of the driveways and some of the intersections have these mirrors and that's the 2 of us reflected.

Saturday Christine drove me to Heathrow, BA upgraded me so I had a very comfortable flight home and Simon picked me up at Pearson.

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