Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Long Point spring birds

Finally we have had some more spring like weather and I have been walking on the beach and around the Point.
Every year a couple of Wood Ducks land in one of my trees. Always the same tree. Maybe the same birds. After a couple of days of fluttering, protesting and flying when I walk out my back door, they leave.
On a sunny, cool day I walked
East, passed the cottages and along the beach of the Long Point Provincial Park, as far as I could before I was cut off by the high water.
There were a few Swallows and Martins about. I don't know what they were eating because I have yet to see a bug of any kind.
A Flicker kept swooping ahead of me as I walked through the Park
A track that was usually gated, was open, and lead out into the marshes
to a pond with a small flock of Buffleheads.
They were quite shy and
I wasn't able to get any really good close ups.
It was my first long walk since getting back from Mallorca. Within the week I had the snow fence and plywood fence taken down (with help)
and had one chair on the front deck, for my morning coffee.

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  1. How much wood could a wood duck chuck if a wood duck could chuck wood? So cool, I never see those in Ontario.