Thursday, 3 May 2018

Long Point - couldn't wait to get gardening.

I may have "jumped the gun", but, I couldn't wait to get into the garden as soon as the weather got a little warmer;
My little miniature daffodils were up in the garden
and wildflowers were popping up
in Backus woods when Nicola and I walked there, on Monday.
So I went to 3 different nurseries and bought bushes to go in the centre bed of the driveway and various plants that I hope will grow in sand and
pansies for the pots on the front porch

(this pot actually made it back from Mallorca in my suitcase)
and in the big pots by the front path.
Lettuce and beets in the vegetable bad (I have since added kale).
Now for some random photos:
Quilt I like at the Quilt Junction in Waterford. I went there with Aimee and then again with Nicky.
With Aimee, we saw a huge snapping turtle (I thought it was a log) and this loon
on the Waterford ponds. Is he break dancing?
Salted caramel brownie at a lovely cafe in Waterford. Nicky is such a bad influence.
Magnificent April full moon.

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