Monday, 21 May 2018

Edmonton, where the sun always shines.

This is the third time I have been in Edmonton in May and the weather has always been amazing. This time is no exception. 1 day of rain in the 14 days. Some days up to 28 or 30 degrees! This has resulted a lot of outside time with the kids; in the backyard, the park or walking around the pond.
Maya would rather ride than walk but loves to hold Iggy's leash (Iggy is a cross between a Jack Russel and an Italian Greyhound and is amazing with the kids)
She does get out and run around when we get to our destination.
Avery ready to go to work in Daddy's tie and Maya's sun glasses.
Quiet time is family screen time. Maya wants to watch "babies" and Avery watches "PJ Masks" or "Ryan".
It does buy all of us a bit of peace and quiet
but things are a bit tense when the i-pads need charging.

Aimee's cousin, Vanessa, and her fiance, Rene, bought me a plant and balloon for my birthday. The balloon was a big hit.
Breakfast, at their own little table. Multi-tasking; food, crayoning and i-pad.
Next was an expedition to the pond to collect pine cones.

They both took the project very seriously,
the collecting,
the searching,

the examining,
and dumping
them in the wagon.
Avery rode the tricycle to the pond, Maya tried it out there and
every thing ended up in the wagon on the way back. Nana was tired!

Avery too
Just kidding.

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