Friday, 11 May 2018

Ottawa - Parliament Hill and more rugs.

Saturday night, while the others went to the OHCG Gala, Pat and I went to Play, in Byward Market for dinner. We didn't know, but it had 2 floors, and we ended up on the second floor, as the first floor was full of people who had made reservations knowing to ask for it. The ambiance wasn't quite as good but the food was still excellent. Afterwards we walked off our dinner around Parliament Hill.
Unfortunately we were too early for the tulips

It was 8

and the sun was setting

It was a time for enjoying the architecture,

the history,

and the impressive

Walking around to the front, I had to take a picture of
the lion
and the unicorn
because when Christine and Michael were younger, and we visited Ottawa, the last thing we would do, before putting them to bed, would be to drive up and say goodnight to the lion and the unicorn.
In those days you could drive right up to the front doors. Now there is no public vehicular access.
Pat pointed out the clown face on this tower. They are everywhere Heather.
We walked back into Byward market
with its sights and sounds
and the Ubber picked us up near the Ottawa sign
which spells Awatto from the other side.

Sunday morning we had a short time to walk around the show again and do some last minute shopping before heading home.
Three Deer, designed and hooked by Rosemary Malone
Un jour de pluis and L'automne, both hooked and designed by Andree Lapensee.
Heather asked me to take a shot of Picassoesque , designed by Shirley Llyod Davies and hooked by Collen Payer,
and she was also interested in how this deer was hooked.

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