Thursday, 10 May 2018

Ottawa - OHCG Annual

We had extended our visit to Ottawa to allow for some sight seeing but really it was all about the rugs. I went to an excellent speaker on Chetticamp Rugs on Saturday morning and
went to a workshop on Geometrics and this rug, on Saturday afternoon.
I didn't have a great deal of time to see the rug show or do much shopping at the vendors. It was also the first time I had tried out my new camera at this kind of venue and I wasn't thrilled with the results. It may be that I just haven't found the right part of the camera's menu. Anyway, I am including some pictures of rugs, some that won, some that I liked (or liked an element of) and some that Heather asked me to take as her camera had died.
Maple Leaf Tessellations, hooked by Lynn McGowan, designed by Karen Kaiser.

Beyond, hooked by Brenda Ticehurst, adapted with permission from a painting by Jane Magee. It looked as if it was hooked entirely in wool yarn.
I absolutely loved this one both for the colours in the sky and water and for the subtle shading in the buildings. On the Rocks, hooked by Monica Featherstone, designed by Adam Young.

I know I liked this one because I took a photo of it but it was in the middle of a busy display and it wasn't until I cropped it and isolated the piece that I realized how much I liked it. It's an unusual viewpoint, from slightly above the subject matter, the red carries nicely across the picture and the boat bow waves and sea gulls are raised off the hooking. Seaside Village, hooked and designed by Kay Audet.

Every year Trish Johnson produces an amazing, painterly piece and this year was no exception. She won Best Pictorial for Honest Eds

and hanging right next to it was her Portrait of the Artist.

This threesome were designed and hooked by Karen Miller, a featured artist at the show.
Every year the Annual Show has a theme and this year it was Hooked on Waterways. Artists hook pieces specifically for the theme and members vote on their favourite.

I voted for this one (which would have shown better if it was not on that patterned rug). Into the Blue, designed and hooked by Gunda Gamble.
This was beautifully done too. Evening Reflections designed and hooked by Kay Lewis.

Barn on Hwy 6 reminded me of the JJ Ruggers Kiln project. I will post pictures of them when they are hung at the Delhi Museum. This was designed and hooked by Joan Harris.

The essence of this little dog shows through the bright colours used. Abby, hooked by Dolores Skelly, designed by M Visiaris (my picture of the names is obscured by glare but I hope that is what it says).
Of course there was also vendors there. Hookers love to shop and somehow we can never have enough wool.
We again got to surround ourselves with luscious colour and fondle wool, silk, linen etc etc.
This vendor had taken needle felting
into animals, small
and large

and framed.

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