Thursday, 21 March 2013

Merida Day 14 - waiting for Mum and Dad

We are currently sitting in the Plaza Grande, |which has free internet and electric sockets all over the place. It is 8:30 at night and the park is full: young couples strolling and cuddling, groups of people sitting and socialising, a shoe shine stand on each corner, food stands around the outside on the roadways, lights showing off the architecture of the surrounding buildings and the cathedral and because the internet is free, lots of people on their cell phones and laptops. E-mail is the only way we have to communicate and as Mum and Dad were not on the 4:30 bus from Cancun we have just checked if they had been able to get e-mail, or contact Hannah about their ETA. No luck so we will go back to the CAME station and await the next bus from Cancun.

We stayed home this morning, swimming and lounging and then set out downtown in the late afternoon. We were able to find Restaurante Mary,  where we ate last Saturday. George had taken a picture out of the door. He identified the store across the street, looked it up on the internet, got the address and then checked by using Google street view. So now we can eat there again. Its in the crazy crowded area south and east of the Grande Plaza.
Doesn't look like much. I think it is what is called a comida economica . It is clean,
cheap, has good food, cold beer, good service and last but not least a good bano.

 We also found the city museum and will visit that again. It is free and has good English signage. Also in the very busy area near the main Mercado (market, which has everything from meat, fish and produce to shoe repair and hardware stalls).

So to fill out this post I will include some pictures of our house, Casa Bonita. I have already posted some pool and courtyard pictures.
The street entrance of Casa Bonita. 
The courtyard between the street entrance and the house entrance.
If we had a car there is room for one here.
The back bedroom has two screened doors that open onto the courtyards and
give a lovely cross breeze for sleeping.
There is a front foyer which is too dark to take a picture of as there are no windows.
Because of that it is a lovely cool space to come into from a hot day walking
in the city. This picture is of the next room in, the living room. From this room there
are entrances to the bathroom and the courtyard.
I will post more pictures of the house in another, slow day, post.
As I am completing this post the next day I can add: After bouncing back and forth between the first and second class bus stations until 10pm with no sight of Mum and Dad we returned home to find them waiting at the curb (they had been there for 2 and a half hours). Their bus had dropped them off at a hotel and then they had taken a taxi and hoped we would come home between the 2 bus times they had given us, obviously we didn't. We went to Pancho's Happy Hour instead, 2 for 1 drinks.

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