Monday, 3 October 2016

Ripley, West Virginia - Southern McGown Teacher Training - Day 1

Last year was my first and this year is my second, at attending the Southern McGown Teacher Training. Last year was very intense and rather intimidating but great fun and very educational. I was looking forward to coming  and to seeing, again, all the lovely people I met last year. This year there was no fear about having to get up in front of everyone (for the widows mite) or not knowing where I was going or what to expect.
Jennifer and I had a pleasant, relaxing drive down, partly through the Allegany State Park, stayed in Marietta and then drove the hour to Ripley on Sunday morning. We checked in to Cedar Lakes Conference Centre and then went into Ripley to get some breakfast stuff and buy some wine. We discovered some interesting things about West Virginia; you can't buy alcohol until after 1pm on Sunday (we spent an hour wandering around the grocery store killing time) and you can buy a pregnancy test at the dollar store (at the check out!).

Holt Lodge (with its other Canadian visitors) is like a motel. Other accommodations available are more rustic.

The junior classes are held in the Craft Hall. Today was a class on Pictorials.

The pattern we were to learn on was Victoria-by-the-Sea, P.E.I, This one was hooked by Jayne Nevins. We also had examples by Elizabeth Morgan and Linda Powell (who also designed the pattern from a photograph she took).
Jayne Nevins taught the class and provided resources, as did Elizabeth Morgan, who Jayne was taking over from. There was great hints, tips and rules, wool and an opportunity to learn from the other 6 people in the class. 
This is as far as I got after a day of learning and hooking.
 After a day of sitting and concentrating it was lovely to get outside and walk around the property in the warm, sunny weather.
A fallen tree has been carved into a place for bears to climb.
This week is for rug hooking, we were replacing a group of scrap bookers. A writeup in the local tourist book listed the arts and crafts groups that come into Cedar Lakes over the year. I am assuming this was a contribution by the woodcarvers.
In front of  the covered bridge, chairs were set up. It looked like it was for a wedding on the weekend. I would think that the bridal party would walk across the covered bridge and down the aisle.
This would be the brides view. After the ceremony the couple could walk back across the covered bridge. Bet there would be great photos.

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  1. Ooo I love pictorials (and fine cut.) By the way, you have been able to buy a pregnancy test at dollerstores in Canada for almost 10 years.