Sunday, 16 October 2016

Woolstock 2016 - Woodstock Fleece and Fibre Festival

I got up before the crack of dawn yesterday (so you know it was something I really wanted to do) and drove up to Paris to get on the "Fleecy Bus" (Pam drove the van). 6 of us headed to Woodstock to be in line before the Fiber Festival even opened (at 9). The others had been before and knew that the crowds made shopping difficult later in the day.
There was everything imaginable for knitters including a great selection of yarns, some imported and some local.
Even the pottery fit the theme with these bowls to hold a ball of wool and mugs that looked knitted.
There was everything for weavers; raw wools, spinning wheels, looms, equipment and of course finished products.
There was everything for felting; roving, welt felted pieces and equipment and of course finished products.
There were, also, rug hooking vendors, but I have posted enough pictures of vast arrays of luscious wools, "as is", overdyed, textures, spot dyed etc etc in previous editions. Needless to say that is where I was doing my shopping.
It was all a bit overwhelming, especially as the crowds started to build.
By 10:30 we had done the bulk of our shopping and moved on to the other 2 barns that were open. Although these had some vendors like the main building they also had other stalls; a lavender farm, a vintage stall (with mostly wool items) where I scored a natural coloured wool blanket to practice dying with, sewing accessories and animals (llama, sheep, angora rabbits and herding and protecting dogs). There were also demonstrations and the opportunity to pet and learn about the animals.
We decided to have lunch at this booth at the back of one of the barns. Made to order and cooked in the wood fired oven while we waited.
Jennifer and I shared this Hawaiian vegetarian and it was plenty.
We left around noon, loaded down with our purchases, and glad we had got there early.

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