Saturday, 28 January 2017

Cats and Birds

I have driven off the Point 5 times this week and each time enjoyed the bird life here. The Inner Bay was frozen over for a time but is now open water again and populated with patches of little black ducks and quite a large flock of swans. I saw Sandhill Cranes flying overhead. They will stay until the corn fields are too covered with snow for them to eat. The Bald Eagles seem to stay all year round. I have seen them from the causeway road each time I have been on it, this week. Once there were 3 of them dive bombing a fourth. They are big, impressive, birds swooping around and colliding with each other. I think they were trying to get him to drop whatever was in his talons.
I realized, after finishing the last post, that I had neglected to mention Heather or Rasta:
Heather was working on a Santa with a cat.
"Can't touch that!" Torture for a cat.
Happiest when he made a nest in a box of tissue paper.

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