Friday, 27 January 2017

Rug Hooking winter 2017

Last weekend I had a full house with 8 of us in residence for a weekend of rug hooking, knitting, crafting, etc etc.
Quite a collection of wine, cider, beer and scotch arrived. This is what was on the floor, there was more in the "bar" area.
We each volunteer for a meal. Pat and Pam served "raclette" on Saturday evening. Paired with cider and/or Riesling.
It was mild for our walks on the beach
even a bit foggy.
Sue was working on a large pictorial of her grandchildren.
The colours of Peggy's floral pillow are much more vivid than this photo shows.
Lynn was finishing a couple of small squares.
Pat was working on a massive rendition of the parliament buildings.
Brit made this sweet little basket out of cotton cord and coloured threads and whipped a hooked piece.
Brit, Pam, Pat, Peggy and Sue were also knitting. This is Brit's linen stitch cowl made from a magic "never ending" ball of yarn.

Brit taught me how to make the baskets. Could be a new addiction.
I also worked on my pumpkins.
It is great spending time with creative, talented and fun friends. I will see some of them again at the OHCG Annual in April and then try for another cottage weekend in June.

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