Friday, 27 January 2017

Mystic Landscapes at the AGO

I am way behind in my blogging but having to delete all the photos from my netbook has motivated me to try and catch up.
Chris and I have memberships at the Art Gallery of Ontario (A Christmas present, thanks Santa!) and went to the Mystic Landscapes exhibit a couple of weeks ago. We ate at Franks (get a 10% discount with membership) and the food and service was excellent. Then went in to the exhibit (timed ticket). The last time I went was for the Lawren Harris exhibit, during the day. This time it was evening and therefor much more crowded. All though I was not actually rushed or pushed, it was a much different experience. I had to wait to get a good view of the paintings, people would just plant themselves in front of one and then chat with their friends about something else (very annoying), I felt I had to move on in order to give others a chance and generally it felt a little claustrophobic. In spite of that, I enjoyed the show, highlights were two of Monets haystacks and a small Emily Carr that I loved (I had previously not really cared for her paintings). We were not permitted to take photos.
I then spent just a bit of time in the other rooms:
There was another exhibit or works by Anthony Caro, when he was in his 80's. 4 huge metal sculptures and a sketching class.
Cranberry Lake, Franklin Carmichael

From the signature on the bottom its by A.J.Casson but I couldn't find the booklet on the room to find out its name. I prefer it when there is a label beside the painting.
A Lawren Harris, still love his style.

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