Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Maine - Birch Point Beach

Just down the road from South Thomaston is a state park with a beach. We had visited it last time we were here and went back for a short stroll on a sunny, cool, windy day.
At this time of year the park is closed, so we parked at the gate
and walked down the road,
through the famous Maine foliage,
to the beach.

We walked along the beach
and through the woods

to sit on the rocks
and contemplate
the views,

listen to the waves
and watch the wildlife.
Walking back I noticed one last wild rose on the bushes that line the beach
and are otherwise dripping with rose hips. They must have been a mass of colour in the late summer.
Walking back up the road we disturbed a snake who thought freezing, like a statue, was a good plan. That's how they get run over!
The rest of the day was spent tidying, cleaning and packing.
Early on in the trip we stopped at a garage sale (who can resist?). Heather got a couple of pottery bowls and a ceramic whale, Judy found a pretty iridescent green milk jug and I bought this table (next years furniture refinishing project). Now I had to figure out how to pack everything around it and still be able to see out the back window.
More proof that I was actually on the trip. Photo by Don.

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