Thursday, 12 October 2017

Maine - Rockland Breakwater and Lighthouse

We have made a list of things that we would like to do while we are here. A few are repeats but most are not. Walking the Breakwater is something we did not do last time.
Heather, Judy and Don contemplating the breakwater and lighthouse from the park at the start.
7/8 of a mile and you spend most of the time looking down as it is rough going. It was not built as a walking trail but as a breakwall for the harbour.
Its nice, every now and then, to look up and contemplate the islands out towards the ocean,
the seaweedy rocks along the shoreline,
the boats,
channel markers and Owls Head Lighthouse peaking above the trees,
lobster pot buoys and
distance left to go.
All of that activity
makes the walk seem really short.
At the end there is the lighthouse building to walk around (not open to the public that day)
The walk back was just as entertaining.

We followed this cormorants progress underwater by the line of bubbles he left and, as the water was clear, could sometimes see him down there.
The windjammers look fabulous under full sail
but we learned from inquiring at the tourist office none of them are doing short sails now the season is over.
We felt very deserving of the lunch we had at the Compass. This is Don's lobster bisque (basically butter, cream and lobster)
My first lobster roll of the vacation (sans roll) came with a side of coleslaw.

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