Thursday, 19 October 2017

Maine - ferry to Monhegan Island

Sunday was rainy, grey and windy so we drove down to Portland. We shopped at Halcyon Yarns on the way and then shopped at L.L.Bean while we were there. L.L. Bean is more than a store, it is a campus of stores and a place to just walk around and see what they have, especially the Home decor section. Last time I was there I bought my little back pack that served me so well in Peru and in Mallorca. This time I bought a couple of pairs of pants for hiking in.
Monday we were up in time for a quick breakfast and then off to Monhegan Island for 2 days.
The first sight of our, rather small, ferry.
At this time of year it is more about the cargo than the tourists. The front deck was packed with things the islanders needed or had ordered.
After all the cargo was stowed we were able to board. Round trip was $36 US. each.
The skipper let me take some photos before we got underway, then, he said, the cabin would be too crowded with the crew.
Judy and Heather as we left the dock at 10:30. The weather forecast had indicated that the rainy weather the day before was bringing a cold snap so we had bought hats and gloves at L.L. Bean. At this time of year the boat only makes one trip per day. In the summer its about 5 a day and in the winter it is 3 times a week.
Out past the Marshall Point Lighthouse.
Past the rocky coastline
Beyond those islands
Our first sight of Monhegan Island. The high winds the previous day had left 6 to 8 foot swells and the ride was exhilarating (Heather and Don took seasickness pills and I took ginger and we were all fine).
The skipper said near the end of the trip that when he saw Heather and I settled ourselves on a box at the bow he gave us about 10 minutes and was surprised that we stayed out there the whole trip. He tacked into the wind just before heading in to the harbour and laughed when we got sprayed by the waves breaking over the bow.
Don and Judy also spent the whole trip on deck.
Back lit Monhegan

The lighthouse sits on the top of the hill above the village.
The community sits beside the wharf and the protected harbour.
Pick up trucks waiting on the wharf for the cargo.
Unhooking the hoist ready to unload.
Greeted by a rock full of cormorants. We saw porpoises and gannets on the ferry ride.
Don had rented us 2 apartments through a management company called Silver Sails. From the balcony we could see the harbour,
some grey on grey fishing huts and houses

and below the balcony, a fishing boat.

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