Saturday, 7 October 2017

McGown Teacher Training 2017 - Day 3 and 4

The third day at Cedar Lakes was Tree Study day and just like the previous 2 days I would have happily taken any of the three classes offered.
This piece was hooked by Deb Szwed who also taught the class. She described how to hook the three different coniferous trees and how to paint dye wool for the sky.
Designed, hooked and taught by Linda Powell.
I took this class, taught by Connie Bradley. The pattern just had the tree on it, so we could personalize the scene.
Naturally mine will be a cottonwood poplar on a beach, scene.
Connie had plenty of pictures and books in the classroom but there were visual aides on the way to lunch
as the campus is littered with mature trees.
The fourth day was wide cut. And all those who had protested the abundance of fine cut were finally in their element.
Lone Pine was hooked and taught by Pam Langdon. I was trying to get the effect of a cloud over the moon but it wasn't working. I will have to rip out and rethink.
The rug show was inspirational and it was great to see rugs from previous classes each with their hookers personal touches and choices.
I was given a piece to teach next year and my head is already swimming with the possibilities.
We hightailed it home on Friday for Jennifer to prep for Thanksgiving and me to prep for Maine. Next year the training will be 2 weeks earlier and wont conflict with Canadian thanksgiving.

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