Friday, 3 November 2017

Bruce Trail - New Mountain Rd to Scenic Caves Road, near Collingwood.

I was home for a day and a half and then drove up to Cyndy and Jim's "cottage" in the hills between Thornbury and Collingwood. I got there before it got dark and lit the fire so Nicola was greeted by lights, warmth and crackling logs when she got there later.
Next morning. We're getting pretty good with our snacks, each time just a little bit better - snap peas, 2 kinds of cheese and dried mangos.
Nicky warming up with squats. Not me! Getting out of the car is enough of a warm up.
We were parked on a side road but the first part of the trail was down this busy road. The weather forecast was 40% chance of rain and it was cool but not uncomfortably so.
Once we got into the woods the footing was often slippery from recent rains and the creeks were rushing. This old bridge was blocked off,

replaced by a nice new one.

Most of the leaves had fallen but were still colourful on the ground.
The weather was
variable and periodically it would cloud over and drizzle a bit.
We had noticed in the Trail book that this section was closed for the winter (luckily we were there at the end of October)
We found out why.
Cross country ski trails make great walking trails.
Nicola's reaction when the "chance of rain" took the form of hail. "Its not a hike unless we are wet to our underwear".
We finished the days hike (about 8km) with some lovely views.
I must admit I don't really remember noticing that Collingwood had a lighthouse. Later we read a pamphlet explaining that it is in need of repair.
In spite of the iffy weather it was a nice hike and we both felt good at the end of it.
Selfie taken by Nicola on her phone.
We went looking for a quilt store in Collingwood but didn't find it. Instead we found a great little restaurant called Heavenly Cafe, and it was. A glass of wine and light lunch was followed by a visit to the Scandinavia Spa. We felt unbelievable relaxed after 2 hours of moving between hot tubs, cold pools, steam baths and saunas. Even a little time, wrapped in a bathrobe, watching the sun go down from a hammock.
Back at the house we only had a light supper, cheese and crackers basically, before going to bed early in prep for tomorrows, longer, hike.

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