Thursday, 9 November 2017

Learning a camera - Aperture priority

My brother Mark was here last weekend and tried to give me SLR 101 instruction. I'm more of a hands on learner these days but this is one thing I got out of it. A small aperture will give you better clarity through the whole depth of the photo (depth of field)
He demonstrated using 2 wine bottles on the kitchen counter. The one further away is a little blurry.
So I took the camera out and tried to see what the difference there was between having it on Auto and setting a really small aperture in the aperture priority setting (A on the dial). This is on Auto
This is with a small aperture. I think the snow fence is slightly clearer in the distance.
"A" set small. Again, just a very slight improvement.
"A" set small. Nope, can't see any difference.
"A" set small. No discernible difference.
Lost concentration and just started snapping shots of the gulls. I liked this one with the wave breaking.
Interesting. On Auto the camera focused on the far tree
On "A" set small it blurred the far tree and had some focus on the near leaves and berries (but too dark)
At this point I am coming to the conclusion that the Auto setting is so good there may be no need to try to take more control over the camera, but I will continue to experiment.
With 2 cushions and a blanket to sit on I should be calling him Rajah not Rasta. Spoiled cat!!

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  1. What kind of camera did you borrow from Nicki? What's the zoom on it? I'm testing out the same things and trying to decided if I need to buy a new camera for Africa.