Friday, 3 November 2017

Bruce Trail - Scenic Caves Rd to Loree Forest, near Collingwood

Day 2 at our Collingwood base had the same weather forecast, 40% chance of rain. We started off from where we had ended the day before (after first dropping the other car at our planned end)
The first section was across the top of the Blue Mountain ski slopes and we realized we had hiked some of this before, when I was "training" for the Inca Trail a couple of years ago.
A lot of slopes to walk across
and wonderful views across Nottawasaga Bay.
Then it was into the woods and those rain clouds, we had seen coming across the lake, arrived.
This part of the trail traversed some deep cut valleys. The steps were welcome as was the railing made from a garden hose.
Creeks and rivulets ran down the valleys, sometimes covered in the fallen leaves and un-noticed until you stepped in them.
Then it was up the other side
along a ridge
and then down into the next one.
When we came out into this lookout area

the sun broke through briefly
and the wet rusts and golds glistened.
Photo by Nicky.
The rain returned. Wet rock dappled with moss.
The trail was more like a river in spots and we were walking on the grass to try and keep our feet dry.
Squish squish as we walked and the sound of rain drops on our hoods.
Rivulets on the trees.
Top of another ski hill.
Georgian Peaks this time.
Now when the sun came out it made the woods misty.
Perfect environment for these.
We were now in the Loree Forest which has a well used loop. Cyndy, George and I mountain biked it years ago.
But as soon as we were beyond that loop the trail was narrow and neglected.
We were so glad to see that sign. It meant
we just had to hike up this hill to get to the car.
We finished, wet and muddy but didn't go home. Went straight to the Heavenly Cafe and warmed up with
wine and french onion soup (Yep, nearly finished our wine before I remembered to take a picture)
followed by carrot cake and a latte. Aaaaah.
This days hike was probably our longest yet at a little over 11km. It was also the worst weather we have had. We have been incredibly lucky with the conditions we have been hiking in. We are realizing that when we start hiking the sections up on the Bruce Peninsular we will have to be able to cover more distance as there are not as many access points. We have also heard that it is much rougher hiking, some climbing (maybe even ladders).

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