Saturday, 11 November 2017

Bruce Trail - Scenic Drive to Governors Road, Dundas.

Snow yesterday and a cold morning (complete with a coyote trotting down the beach) had me doubting the idea of hiking the Bruce in November but, after a 2 hour drive, Nicky and I met and dropped her car on Governors Rd, Dundas, drove back to Scenic Drive and set out on what was to be our longest hike yet.
The first section was through a lovely wooded area that is closed during the week in November and December due to aboriginal hunting rights
Crossed the 403. We were in layers of clothing and head bands and gloves but quite comfortable. After about half an hour the head bands and gloves came off and we unzipped the top layer.
The cold nights and wind have bought most of the leaves down but they are still providing colour on the ground.
There were some pretty steep bits.
I mean really steep.
We were thankful to those Katimavik builders for this part.
That squirrel looks like he needs gloves and a head band.
Ice on the water.
We hadn't realized that the trail went right past a waterfall. We thought they were all on side trails.
We took the opportunity to get someone to take a picture of us. We are not really good at selfies.
Then took a break to play with waterfall and ice photos.
It made me wish that I had bought the good camera with me.
Ice photos could have kept me occupied for hours
People climbing on the waerfalls has been a bit of a problem in Hamilton this past summer.
Seed heads in the sun.
By this point we were in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area and on a multi-use trail
which meant that we sometimes needed to step aside to let the mountain bikers go by.
The recently refurbished Hermitage.
It was sunny most of the time giving use these long crisscrossed shadows.
We stopped to use the washroom at the Trail Centre which also had info on the area and the Bruce Trail.
From there it wasn't much further to the car.
Drove back to get my car and then to Serenity Ranch B and B (we stayed there last time we hiked the Hamilton section) for a hot shower then off to St Catherines for dinner with Mum and Dad at Cafe Amore (great Italian food). We deserved it; just over 12kms, 22,000+ steps.

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